Mayfair School


Maths Activities

Park the Pods - Identify numbers on a Hundreds Board
Number Pyramid - Solve addition and subtraction problems - 3 Levels
Caterpillar Slider - Order numbers from 1 to 9999
Funky Mummy - Solve addition problems to 20
Funky Mummy 20 - Solve more addition problems to 20
Save the Whale - Match pairs to make tens
Repair the Slide - Match pairs to make tens and hundreds
Camel Times Tables - Solve multiplication problems - 3 Levels
Multiplication Cloud Click - Test your times table knowledge against the clock



Order numbers 

Duck Shoot count in 10s

Fairies count in 2's,3's,5's,10's


Dinosaur Dentist -using doubles to solve sums.

Save the Whale

Basic facts to 10


Funky Mummy-Basic Facts

Doubling Cards

Bridge Doubles

 Abacus -Place value

Shark Pool -

Place Value


Dinosaur -Place Value

 Soccer Subtraction

Target takeaway-subtraction

Fairy clock-make different times

A search engine that rates readability level of results


Literacy Sites


Story Jumper

Make sure you get Mum or Dad to join you up so you can save your stories.

On line books


  Type in a sentence or two then click show story - pictures will appear under your words.


 Make Belief Comix Make your own comic strips
Kerpoof- make a movie,story poicture etc.

 Sweetsearch – Sweet Search is a Search Engine for Students

Record your voice and imagination with our creative story building tool and share them with friends and family.
 Record your voice and ideas on the Internet.

Turn your phrases into pictures.
Word sift - sort your words and look up their meaning.  

Dvolver Movie maker
Practise writing in fun ways.

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