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Other Maths

  • Mathletic's - Mathletic's for year 5 and year 6.
  • Maths Week - Worth a look
  • Maths playground - Cool games.
  • Sumdog - Great fun for maths week
  • NZ Maths Mystery Stars - Mystery Stars great fun for Students of all ages
  • Census at School - New Zealand - A nationwide online survey for Year 5 - 13 students which provides real, relevant data and classroom activities to enhance statistical enquiry across the curriculum.
  • Ask Dr. Math - If your Parents or Teacher can't help, maybe Dr. Maths can.
  • Count Me In Too - Animated games and activities that cover all areas of Maths.
  • Primary Krypto - Combine five number cards using the 4 operations to get the answer. For advanced maths experts only!
  • Mathway - Type in any type of maths problem and Mathway will not only give you the answer but also shows the step-by-step solution.
  • Time Maze - Identify the times you hear to work your way through the maze.
  • Learning Time - Pick the digital clock that has the same time as the analog clock.
  • Clock Talk - Can you identify the time of the daily activities?
  • Snapdragon - Learn to tell time and the Welch language as well.
  • Learn to Tell Time - Challenge yourself with increasing levels in analog and digital clocks.
  • Count Us In - A number of fun games designed to be used with a Smartboard to help students understand basic number concepts.
  • Math Tool Chest - Click on a chest and choose of level to improve your basic maths skills.
  • You'll Never Get Anywhere Without Maths - Try to solve these challenging storytelling problems.
  • Down on the Farm - Down on the Farm – Players must click the correct number on the blackboard. (Junior)
  • Simple Machines - Help Twitch build machines from spare parts from the museum. .
  • Lure of the Labyrinth - This is a game for pre-algebraic thinkers and is
    designed to have you "thinking like mathematicians"
  • Cool Maths Games - Excellent games to challenge your abilities in Maths
  • The Quiz - Think you know everything about maths? Take the Quiz to test your knowledge in many areas of maths. Are you ready to be Quizzed?
  • Tutpup - Like world maths day, you can compete against players in other countries to improve your maths.
  • Count Us In - Great Maths games for children in the Junior School
  • Maths Dictionary - Ever wonder what that maths word was? Check it out and see examples of the words being used.
  • A+ Maths - A great maths site for Years 4 - 6
  • World Maths Day - Sign up and compete against students all over the world in maths
  • Maths is Fun - Maths is really fun with all of the activities that are in this site!

  • PE, Health & Safety

    • Ruggerland - Fan Zone website for the Rugby World Cup 2011
    • Fit Forever Champ Camp - Lazy Acres Camp thinks they are better than you at healthy choices and activities. Will your camp be able to win?
    • Fantastic Food Challenge - Welcome to our new game show. Can you complete the challenge?
    • Sunsmart Website - All you need to know about keeping safe in the sun
    • Mission On! - You can play games, set goals and earn points for being healthy.
    • Ruben the Safety Bear - Learn all about Road Safety from Ruben the Safety Bear

    • Maori

      • Te Reo - Body Parts Game - Te Reo - Body Parts Game

      • Geography

        • World Capital Catch Game - You will be shown 21 random countries each round of game play. Your job is to correctly identify each nation's capital as quickly as you can.
        • Flags of the World - The flags of all nations are displayed randomly. Fifteen flags are presented per game. Select from a list of possibilities and if unable to pick the correct answer, you may also use clues.
        • Balloon Tycoon - Can you navigate your way around the world?
        • National Geographic for Kids - Animals, Games, Videos, stories, activities, photos, people and places about Geography.
        • Guess the Flag - Are you a Geographer? Can you match the flag to the correct country?

        • History

          • We Choose the Moon - Relive the Apollo 11 mission for the first men to walk on the Moon.
          • What Came First? - Can you find the items that do not belong in the time tunnel?
          • Primary History - Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Children of Victorian England and WW2. The site includes a photo/video library, interactive timeline, quizzes, activities, and games.
          • History Link 101 - The cultures of Africa, Aztec, China, Egypt, Greece, Mayan, Mesopotamia, Rome, Olmec, Prehistory, Middle Ages and World War II are divided into categories of Art, Biographies, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures and Research and more.

          • Science

            • Biology 4 Kids - Learn more about animals and the creatures found in nature.
            • Planet Facts - Lots of great facts about the planets of our solar system
            • Build Your Own Space Mission - Choose your character, space vehicle, destination and the technology that you will use – then launch into outer space.
            • Planet Science - A huge amount of science learning and activities to keep you busy for a long time.
            • Discover Primary Science - Learn about triangles, crystals, periscopes and rockets. Learn how much fun science can be!
            • Be A Martian - Created by NASA, this is your chance to be a Martian. Look at photos, videos, maps and play games to learn about the Red Planet.
            • Exploring the Secret Life of Trees - This site describes how a tree grows.
            • Darwin's Footsteps - Find out about Charles Darwin through a series of mini-challenges and information about the man.
            • Biology of Plants - This site explains the basics of plant life.
            • Richard Hammond's Car Science Challenge - Battle against your opponents to see whose car performs best in terms of speed, handling, braking, weight and emissions.
            • Science Games - Learn Basics physics concepts using the five different games.
            • Try Science - Try Science has lots of experiments that you can at home to learn more about science.
            • Stop Disasters - What can you do to prevent a natural disaster?
            • Science Careers - Your mission is to motivate and inspire students to pursue careers and
              interests in science if you choose to accept it.
            • BBC Space - Everything you wanted to know about space. Check out the play space zone.
            • Hector's World - Learn about undersea creatures. (Junior)
            • Starchild - Learn about the stars and outer space

            • Social Studies

              • BBC for Kids - A great way to learn about history
              • Mt Everest - Learn about Nepal and Mt Everest

              • Sustainability

                • Green IQ - Green IQ is a game that tests your knowledge of environmental issues.
                • Power Up - Planet Helios is being destroyed and needs your help. Use your
                  environmental knowledge to save the planet.
                • Visy Enviromaniacs - Make the World a better place! Learn about recycling, water, energy, packaging and litter.
                • It's a Green Life - Test your environmental knowledge.
                • Unplugged! - Players have to figure out how to conserve their use of energy.
                • Recycle Zone - The place to go for waste-related games and online activities.
                • Planet Green - A role playing game where players have to minimize carbon emissions.
                • Check your carbon footprint - Are you and your family green? Take this quick quiz to find out how you compare to other countries.

                • Arts

                  • Bus Songs - This has the words and music for over 2,000 nursery rhymes and children's songs.
                  • Making Music - This is a fun onscreen piano. Simply click on the brightly coloured keys marked with the notes they play.
                  • Professor Garfield - Learn how to draw Garfield, the cartoon cat. You can also learn how to draw clowns, superheroes, animals and a princess.
                  • Matisse For Kids - An Interactive exploration of the painting of Henri Matisse. You can earn props, patterns and colours to use in creating your own Matisse-inspired artwork.
                  • Colour Scheme Designer - Want to choose the right colours for your project? This tool will show you all the combinations of the colour wheel and more.
                  • Design a Flower - Created by the Black Eyed Peas, you can use music, images and words to create a flower which can be posted to the site's gallery.
                  • Drawminos - This site lets you create virtual falling dominoes designs and knock them over.
                  • Mr Picasso Head - Create art like the master painter, Pablo Picasso.

Literacy Sites

Create online books

A search engine that rates readability level - aimed at kids.

Turn your words into pictures

 Increase your knowledge of reo Māori.

 Make Belief Comix Make your own comic strips
Kerpoof- make a movie,story poicture etc.

 Sweetsearch – Sweet Search is a Search Engine for Students

Record your voice and imagination with our creative story building tool and share them with friends and family.
 Record your voice and ideas on the Internet.

Turn your phrases into pictures.
Word sift - sort your words and look up their meaning.  

Dvolver Movie maker
Practise writing in fun ways.


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