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Mrs Peard has been at Mayfair School since 2012. During this time she has had a number of roles to play in th school. She is originally from British Columbia, Canada and is married to a kiwi which is why we have this fantastic human at Mayfair School. She is a Kete full of knowledge and has wonderful relationships with the students. As a coach she has exceptional skills that support our students language, literacy and numeracy development.

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Hemaua works part time at mayfair while he pursues his professional rugby career with the Hawkes Bay Magpies. He is originally from Dunedin and is very proud of the Deep South and his Samoan and Tokelauan whakapapa. As a staff we enjoy watching him play rugby and the children are disappointed he plays for Taradale and not Tamatea! Hemaua is very popular with the students as he stands a foot above everyone else and has a wonderful nature with the children. He is currently studying to become a teacher through the University of Waikato.

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