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Mrs Pryor started at Mayfair School in the 1990's and is only the 3rd person to ever hold an administrator position at Mayfair School. She originally started as a teacher aide and then moved into the school office. Kathy is responsible for the finances of the school and supports the school board as their administrator also. She is a master craft booker and has shared some of her amazing creations with the staff. It is always amazing to receive one of her hand made cards.


Hannah has been at mayfair school since 2018 and is only the 4th person to do this role at the school. She began her mani as a learning coach before transitioning into the administration team in 2019. She is responsible for managing the day to day attendance and operation of the student management system. Hannah is one of the main contacts for student's, whanau and community on a daily basis. Originally from Eskdale, she now lives in Hastings and loves nothing more than hanging out with her family.


Mr Curran has been at Mayfair School for 10 years. He is the reason our grounds and buildings all look so spectacular. Mr Curran overseas all property management at Mayfair School and does an amazing job. He is an avid fisherman and is out at the Bach in Waimarama whenever he can with his family. Mr Curran loves rugby and coaches the school barefoot tens team. He is an HRS rugby supporter and you will find him on the sidelines on the odd occasion or if his beloved team is playing one of the staffs team. He is the salt of the earth.