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Mayfair School opened in 1950 to service the local Mayfair community in Hastings, New Zealand. Over that time the school has grown significantly in buildings and student body. The school is multicultural with 300 students and Whānau representing 17 nationalities. The four cornerstones of Mayfair's success are: Values, Collaboration, Kaupapa Māori and Innovation



Mayfair students, family, staff and community established four key values that represented our expectations and aspirations for our learners.  The values are Integrity​, Respect, Resilience, Identity

These values are practiced by all in our community. Students learn what these values look like, sound like and feel like and shape their own practice of these values. Our students are our champions .


Collaboration occurs all the time between Mayfair students, family, staff and community.

Mayfair collaborates with other schools, students and communities locally and internationally to develop best practice that improves the eduction of our learners.

As not all the expertise lies in our school, students collaborate with external professionals for project based learning or passion projects. 

Kaupapa Māori

At Mayfair School Kaupapa Māori is a strategy used for the transformation of student learning that is based upon seven principles:

Tino Rangatiratanga - Tino Rangatiratanga is about having meaningful control over one’s own life and cultural well-being. 

Ako -Ako is a teaching and learning relationship, where the educator is also learning from the student.

Kia piki ake i nga raruraru o te kāinga -  This principle addresses the issue of socio-economic disadvantage and the negative pressures this brings to bear on whānau (families) and their children.

Whānau -Whānau and the practice of whanaungatanga (family connectedness). 

Manaakitanga - Manakitanga means to extend aroha (love and compassion) to others. 

Kaitiakitanga - a kaitiaki is a guardian. Offering Kaitiakitanga is offering guardianship to the sky, land and sea. 

Kotahitanga - Kotahitanga is the concept of togetherness. 


At Mayfair School Innovation makes collaboration easier. Innovation helps to build skills, allowing students to learn, early on, to embrace and take advantage of the tools available to them.

Innovations in areas such as child psychology, learning theories, technology and teaching methods are central to Mayfair school.


While many we face challenges, innovation offers a path forward.

Students are put at the center of their learning, empowered to be co-creators of their school experience

Teachers are dedicated mentors supporting personalised learning experiences that meet individual student needs.

Both students and teachers are given the resources they need to transform ideas into realities.

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