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Kaupapa Māori

At Mayfair School Kaupapa Māori is a strategy used for the transformation of student learning that is based upon seven principles:

Tino Rangatiratanga - the self-determination principle

Tino rangatiratanga is about having meaningful control over one’s own life and cultural well-being. This principle is embedded in the Treaty of Waitangi. Learners are in control of their learning and have strong voice with their family.

Ako - the culturally preferred pedagogy principle

Ako is a teaching and learning relationship, where the educator is also learning from the student and where educators’ practices are informed by the latest research and are both deliberate and reflective

Kia piki ake i nga raruraru o te kāinga - the socio-economic mediation principle

This principle addresses the issue of socio-economic disadvantage and the negative pressures this brings to bear on whānau (families) and their children. This principle acknowledges that despite these difficulties, Kaupapa Māori mediation practices and values are able to intervene successfully for the well-being of the whānau. The collective responsibility of the  community and whānau comes to the foreground. This principal is underpinned using the equity awareness model.

Whānau - the extended family structure principle

The whānau and the practice of whanaungatanga (family connectedness) is an integral part of the Mayfair identity and culture. The cultural values, customs and practices that organise around the whānau and collective responsibility are a necessary part of success and achievement. There are many examples where the principle of whānau and whānaungatanga come to the foreground as a necessary ingredient for learner prosperity.

Manaakitanga - the support principal

Manakitanga means to extend aroha (love and compassion) to others. It is found in acts such as helping another learner, encouraging one another or even supporting a complete stranger. Manaakitanga secures the strength of our whānau (families) and communities. 

Kaitiakitanga - The Guardians of the Galaxy

In Te Reo Māori (the Māori language), a kaitiaki is a guardian. Offering Kaitiakitanga is offering guardianship to the sky, land and sea. Māori believe that the earth is a taonga (gift) from our ancestors, and should be protected as such. You can extend Kaitiakitanga by respecting and conserving the earth, being mindful of the impact of your behaviours and giving back to the land.

Kotahitanga - Together we can achieve more

Kotahitanga is the concept of togetherness. Māori are a small yet unified race, and it’s important to lift each other up. Kotahitanga is identifying as one – sharing the earth, extending our āwhina (support) to everyone, and receiving the same back.

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