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First LEGO League (FLL) Explore is a program that engages Year 3 - 4 at Mayfair School in STEM and continues on from the discovery programme in Years 0 - 2.  The programme rapidly develops teamwork, design, programming, and communication skills for all learners and uses the Lego Spike Essential Robot platform and lego bricks and technics.

It makes children feel proud of what they have achieved – encouraging them to continue engaging with STEM. Each year, students have fun exploring a new science and technology topic in teams as well as in class. They learn programming with a robotics set in a playful way and create a motorized LEGO model. The educational experience focuses on FIRST`s core values of respectful interaction, shared experience, and critical thinking.


At the end of each season a local exhibition take place at school for learners to present their results, share ideas, and have a great time together!

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