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Help Empower Tomorrow's Female Innovators!

Donate Today to Tūmatarau Pango - Black Magic Robotics Program

Are you passionate about empowering young minds and promoting diversity in STEM education? Join us in supporting Tūmatarau Pango - Black Magic, a transformative robotics program for girls in New Zealand!


Our Mission

At Tūmatarau Pango - Black Magic, we are on a mission to bridge the gender gap in the world of robotics and technology. Nestled in the heart of a low socio-economic area, Mayfair School is home to a diverse group of young female learners, predominantly Maori, who deserve access to cutting-edge educational opportunities. Our year 3 to 13 robotics program is designed to provide these girls with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to become tomorrow's innovators and leaders.

The Challenge

In underserved communities like ours, financial resources are often scarce, making it a challenge to provide these young girls with the robotics parts and materials they need to thrive. We refuse to let this hold them back!

How You Can Help

Your financial support is critical. By making a donation today, you can help us break down the barriers that these girls face:

  • Provide Robotics Kits: Your generous contribution will go toward purchasing robotics kits and parts, ensuring that each girl has access to the equipment they need.

  • Educational Workshops: Help fund hands-on workshops and training sessions that inspire creativity and teach valuable STEM skills.

  • Mentorship Programs: Contribute to mentorship initiatives that connect these girls with female STEM role models, empowering them to dream big and achieve their goals.

Donate Now

[Donate Button: "Give the Gift of Innovation"]

Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference. Your support is an investment in the future of these young Maori learners, enabling them to explore the world of robotics, gain confidence, and pursue their dreams.

Be a Part of the Change

We believe in the power of community, and we invite you to join us in making a positive impact. Together, we can ensure that the Tūmatarau Pango - Black Magic Robotics Program continues to thrive and inspire the next generation of female innovators.

Spread the Word: Share our mission with your friends, family, and social networks. Let's create a ripple effect of support for these young girls!

Contact Us

Have questions or want to get involved directly? Feel free to reach out to us:

Thank you for being a champion of diversity, education, and empowerment. Together, we can make the world of robotics and technology a more inclusive place for all

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